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YUKO Hair Straightening

Founded in 1983, the company has been dedicated to furthering the principle of harmony and balance in health, wellness and beauty. YUKO, the hair division, was launched in 1993 to serve this mission by incorporating the innovative Phi-ten technology into hair products and treatment. Today, YUKO is an established brand in the beauty industry, best known for its patented revolutionary technology that successfully combines hair straightening with hair beauty and health. There are approximately 20,000 participating beauty salons in Japan, and the company continues to expand the number of directly-managed YUKO salons to make Phi-ten/YUKO products available to people seeking beautiful yet manageable hair. Through its operation in Japan, the United Kingdom and United States, YUKO provides professional products as well as education and training to beauticians while delivering true hair beauty through its exceptional services to customers across the globe.

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